Want to Know What the Most Popular Tow Truck Is?

What Are the Different Types of Towing Trucks Used Today?

Tow trucks are vehicles which pull or transport other vehicles. They are regularly used to haul vehicles which have broken down due to mechanical problems or have been involved in an accident. Most will be privately owned by business owners that earn money by removing vehicles from the likes of ditches, roads, highways, etc. Some towing trucks are government owned and will patrol the likes of highways and toll roads.

To date, there are only 3 types of tow trucks, which are a wheel lift, hook and chain, and flatbed. A hook and chain one, which is often called a sling tow truck, is no longer used as much, due to the fact they work by wrapping a chain around the frame of a vehicle. This does cause scratches or damage to the vehicle. Now, these are only used on vehicles which have been too badly damaged, and no longer have any front or rear wheels, or on vehicles that have steel bumpers.

Wheel lift trucks are very similar to their counterparts the hook and chain trucks, however, they use a metal yoke and not a chain. The yoke will be hooked under the front or the rear wheels of a vehicle. With the aid of a hydraulic hoist, the front or the rear of a vehicle will be lifted whilst being towed.

Flatbed tow trucks have a large bed on the back of the truck. This bed can be raised or lowered using hydraulics to form a ramp. The vehicle will then be driven or winched onto the bed. Once in place, the hydraulics will then level the flatbed out. These type of tow trucks are preferred by everyone, due to the fact they do not put any pressure on the vehicle or pull it for a certain amount of time. Instead, all the stress is put on the tow truck itself.

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